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03-10-2013, 11:12 AM
*Scouting party returns to Dorman's position and gives its report*

Izzie: Admiral, we tracked several transports going to this location... We could not get within several dozen light-years as there was an extensive network of defense grids and several battleships in their positions... Their emissions make the old Roosevelt and our current rigs look small. But we detected 3.. I took to call them Dolos class warships...

Hundreds probably thousands of vessels are docked there... We could not get an image of the structure but we do have its length a rough estimate from the number of stars it blots out on imaging...

*Shows the image and the original star points included... The size is nearly the size of a planet.. almost a small sun.. *

Dorman: *trying to hide his shock...* How could they hide something this massive... Very good Captain... You may go... I will inform the rest.. when we have more information..