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Originally Posted by daveyny View Post
I luv the way that pic shows all the different versions of Daleks through the many decades of the Doctor.
Thanks, I love it too, the episode was great and awesome, but the image isn't mine. It's created by the BBC for part 1 of series 7.

The screenshot from STO maybe is meant to be seen as an intertextual reference to Doctor Who's poster, or surely it was defiantly inspired by.

When I first saw the poster from STO, it imminently reminded me of DW's.

If you've actually seen the episode which the WHO poster is referencing, you'll know that the poster from DW was slightly misleading.


(Highlight to see):

Amy doesn't "fall". But it LOOKS like she did - looks like she died.

- END -

Maybe this upcoming season is going to feature time travel somewhere. They have mentioned similar things in podcast interviews etc about returning actors and actress, especially Denise Crosby.

Anyways, I think we should get back to the subject! This new screenshot!