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Originally Posted by voporak View Post
*The Phantom flies up beside the Dor'kat'a, just a tiny speck next to it*

Voporak: We've got no major damage over here, Commander. Is there anything else I can do to assist you?
Taragi: Negative, Black Phantom. We can handle repairs from here.

(OOC: It's FIRST Commander, lol.)

*Taragi turns off the comm before looking at the Comm Officer.*

Crewman, what have we heard from the Fleet?

Tech: Sir, the Dar'kon reports they have engaged a Rebel Fleet in Deneb Sector.

Taragi: Solara, I told you to avoid combat.

Tech: Sir?

Taragi: How goes the Battle?

Tech: Badly. Both sides appear locked in a stalemate.

Taragi: And the Dar'kon?

Tech: Her shields are damaged, but holding.

Taragi: Complete preliminary repairs then gate to the Battle Zone. Call all allied ships for assistance.

Tech: Aye, sir.

Taragi: Hail the Tal'maan.

Sarana, your ship is disabled. Surrender, and let us take on prisoners.

Tech: No response.

Tech 2: I'm picking up an energy spike!

*The Tal'maan explodes. Taragi drops his head.*

Taragi *Whispering*: Sarana, mei dar'cha mei Tal'maan, dukrat chei. Dar'gro va.

(translation: Sarana, and the crew of the Tal'maan, shall be remembered. Goodbye.)

*OOC: Okay, here's how the Iconian Rank structure works:

Deck Officer (Starfleet equivalent: Ensign)
Sub-lieutenant (Starfleet equivalent: Lieutenant JG)
Lieutenant (Starfleet equivalent: Lieutenant)
Lieutenant Commander (Starfleet equivalent: Lieutenant Commander)
Sub-Commander (Starfleet equivalent: Commander)
Commander (Starfleet equivalent: Captain)
Commodore (Starfleet equivalent: Rear Admiral LH)
Third Commander (Starfleet equivalent: Rear Admiral UH)
Second Commander (Starfleet equivalent: Vice Admiral)
First Commander (Starfleet equivalent: Admiral)
Supreme Commander (Starfleet equivalent: Fleet Admiral)

BTW, if you guys wanna make Iconian characters, feel free. I feel lonely being the only one, and it would help flesh them out a bit. If you do, pm me so I can brief you on how their society works.*

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