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# 1694 Oh Goodie. Again.
03-10-2013, 12:45 PM
There I was...


I warp in and say 'HI' as usual.

No responce.

The entry kills go well but I see everyone but me has Rainbow/Technicolor beams so I instantly know there will be problems.

I start on generator at side one and kill it almost instantly.

I start on a second and watch for the spawn from the gate.

I kill #2 and head to the Gate since I see nobody else has.

I kill a nanite sphere and a probe and head back to kill #3.

I see that all 4 other ships are trying to kill a regular Sphere.

I type, 'someone want to help out killing the nodes?'

No responce.

I buzz back to the gate and kill the nanites coming through.

I buzz back and kill node #4 and start on the Generator.

I see more nanites coming through.

The other four are focused on regular Spheres which aren't dieing very fast at all.

I fly back and kill more nanites.

I type in big letters, 'KILL THE NANITES FIRST!!'

I fly back and work on the generator some more.

All four are still trying to kill Regular Spheres.

I fly back and kill another nanite.

Too late, it heals the Generator.

Someone calls me a NOOBE for losing the optional.

I type, 'whatever.'

He types again, 'You have to kill the SPHERES or they will heal the generator.'

I type, 'ROFLMAO. Go read the forums dumXXXXX You might learn something.'

He types, 'I've never read the forums and I'm not going to start now, NOOBE!.'

I type again, 'ROFLMAO. You'd have to learn to read first.'

I continued the mission and finished it while the other four struggled with whatever they were shooting at.

Nothing else was said. (Darn it.)