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03-10-2013, 01:12 PM
I'm starting to wonder now.

A number of players have told me that this isn't an announcement about a new faction, but rather, the level cap raise to Fleet Admiral/Dahar Master.

While that's interesting, to me, it's hardly as fascinating as a new faction.

The last time there was a level cap raise, it was one new sector, 3 missions and a new group event (that was buggy to the point where it was unplayable!).
And that was all.

I hope they do better next time.

However, to me, this looks like classic misdirection.
Given the heavy Romulan theme of the announcements, why would you turn it around and make it about the Iconians?
Even if they are linked due to the Sela abduction/Tal Shiar storyline, Romulans and Iconians are completely seperate matters.

If this was truly about the Iconians, I would have used pictures of gateways and the line about "air and darkness" which is the mythical interpretation of the Iconian's abilities.

As for the KDF, I'm so disinterested in their faction, I have no intention of making another character for them ever!
I have one KDF, that's all I'll ever need.
So, from my point of view, adding more content for KDF below the max rank means nothing, since I'm not going to play it anyway.

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