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*Deneb Sector. Another Iconian Convoy is passing through the Sector as a fleet of Warships led by the I.C.S. Dor'kon moves to intercept it. As they approach, the transports vanish, revealed as holograms, while the Escorts remain. A fleet of Iconian Frigates, Cruisers, and Motherships Gate in in formation with the Escorts, locking onto the Intercept Forces.*

Iconian Commander *Over comm*: This is Commander Toroga of the Tru Iconian Warship Der'vis'an to I.C.S. Dor'kon. Surrender or be destroyed!

Solara *Over comm*: This is Second Commander Solara of the Iconian 3rd Fleet to Renegade Vessels! We do not surrender. You are committing a direct act of Treason against the Iconian High Command! You will surrender at once!

*I.C.S. Dor'kon. Second Commander Solara stares at the incoming Rebel Fleet. Her face is filled with apprehension of what she may be about to do.*

Solara: Do not force us to engage your ships, Toroga. With the exception of recent weeks, no Iconian has killed another in 500,000 years. Don't force me to do this.

Tech: They've broken off contact. Enemy Fighters have locked on! Orders?

Solara: Dor'kon to all ships! Intercept enemy craft and engage! I repeat, fire at will!

All batteries... fire.

*The two fleets move within firing range of eachother and begin attacking eachother. The Frigates either strafe the Enemy Motherships or engage the enemy strafers. The Cruisers support the Motherships with fire against strafing fighters and frigates. The Motherships duel against one another.*

OOC: The Frigates have 3 Secondary Antimatter Beam arrays (one Forward, one Aft, and one on the belly) as well as one Zeta Torpedo Launcher, capable of firing 2 torpedoes at a time.

The Fighters have 2 Antimatter Cannons and a single micro-Zeta Torpedo Launcher.
Originally Posted by ryan218 View Post
Taragi: Negative, Black Phantom. We can handle repairs from here.

(OOC: It's FIRST Commander, lol.)

*Taragi turns off the comm before looking at the Comm Officer.*

Crewman, what have we heard from the Fleet?

Tech: Sir, the Dar'kon reports they have engaged a Rebel Fleet in Deneb Sector.

Taragi: Solara, I told you to avoid combat.

Tech: Sir?

Taragi: How goes the Battle?

Tech: Badly. Both sides appear locked in a stalemate.

Taragi: And the Dar'kon?

Tech: Her shields are damaged, but holding.

Taragi: Complete preliminary repairs then gate to the Battle Zone. Call all allied ships for assistance.

Tech: Aye, sir.

Taragi: Hail the Tal'maan.

Sarana, your ship is disabled. Surrender, and let us take on prisoners.

Tech: No response.

Tech 2: I'm picking up an energy spike!

*The Tal'maan explodes. Taragi drops his head.*

Taragi *Whispering*: Sarana, mei dar'cha mei Tal'maan, dukrat chei. Dar'gro va.

(translation: Sarana, and the crew of the Tal'maan, shall be remembered. Goodbye.)

*OOC: Okay, here's how the Iconian Rank structure works:

Deck Officer (Starfleet equivalent: Ensign)
Sub-lieutenant (Starfleet equivalent: Lieutenant JG)
Lieutenant (Starfleet equivalent: Lieutenant)
Lieutenant Commander (Starfleet equivalent: Lieutenant Commander)
Sub-Commander (Starfleet equivalent: Commander)
Commander (Starfleet equivalent: Captain)
Commodore (Starfleet equivalent: Rear Admiral LH)
Third Commander (Starfleet equivalent: Rear Admiral UH)
Second Commander (Starfleet equivalent: Vice Admiral)
First Commander (Starfleet equivalent: Admiral)
Supreme Commander (Starfleet equivalent: Fleet Admiral)

BTW, if you guys wanna make Iconian characters, feel free. I feel lonely being the only one, and it would help flesh them out a bit. If you do, pm me so I can brief you on how their society works.*
*Deneb Sector. The two fleets are still fighting hard. The debris from Iconian Motherships and Cruisers dotting the battlefield.

Cruisers are broadsiding one another.

A Rebel Cruiser gets caught in the Imperial Formation and is torn apart, being sent out of control. As it hurtles towards a Mothership, the Mothership banks hard to starboard, but the Cruiser smashes into the port bow, careening across the hull, tearing it open.

The Dar'kon is hit by a Mothership's Main Gun, before firing back. The enemy Mothership is now torn to shreds while the Dar'kon is suffering from hull breaches and fires. She continues on strong however, her weapons slamming into the next Mothership in the enemy formation.

Deep Space, I.C.S. Dor'kat'a, Bridge. Taragi looks at the visual feed of the battle on the holo-screen, as the combat chatter plays on the speakers.*

CC Voice 1 *Over comm*: We just lost the Cor'tan'a!

CC Voice 2 *Over comm*: I.S.S. Tar'kaal, requesting assistance! We've lost shields!

CC Voice 3 *Over comm*: The Mar'san is gone!

CC Voice 4 *Over comm*: Dar'sal, requesting assistance! We're breaking u--!

Taragi: Turn it off!

*The combat chatter is turned off.*

Great Maker, forgive us.

Set course for Deep Space 61. We're in no position to assist.

XO: Sir? We can't just abandon them out there!

Taragi: Chana, we have no choice! I don't want to leave them any more than you do, but we've taken too much damage! We're only ONE ship!

*Suddenly, a fleet of Republic and Federation Vessels drop out of warp near the Dor'kat'a, led by the Matthew Neilson and the Excalibur.*

Matt *Over comm*: This is Captain Matthew Forrester, commanding the R.S.S. Matthew Neilson, to I.C.S. Dor'kat'a, we stand ready to assist you.

*R.S.S. Matthew Neilson.*

Matt: Ops, put out a call to Captain Wax and Admiral Dorman. Ask for any ships they can spare. THIS is gonna get hairy.

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