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03-10-2013, 02:25 PM
Originally Posted by erocker View Post
I did forget though, that if this was a normal STF and not Elite, it is common practice not to use the "10%" rule.
Yeah if you have a decent enough team in the "normal" version you don't really have to worry about the 10% rule. It's nice when people do it, but not neccessary as long as people pay enough attention to deal with the nanites before they get too close. However I've been in plenty of PuGs lately where people seem to just totally ignore anything that comes out of the gate, last night had a guy in his cruiser just run off to the other transformer all by himself and attempt to take it down on his own in his skittle boat. We clean up the left one with no issues and look down and see the optional has been failed, sure enough he had blown a couple of generators and was just parked over the transformer spamming BFAW with his skittle boat and completely ignoring the nanites that had spawned.

I think there needs to be an STF academy where the game forces you to run them all and show enough aptitude at doing them before you're allowed to participate in them for Omega rewards.