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The Galaxy is not the worst T3 ship at all, you just have to know how to fly it. She turns like a brick so slap your 5-6 beam arrays on her with a BFAW and you're all set. The main issue I see here with the OP is build, I mean 2X EPTaux with only those science powers being used...WTF???!!
i agree with your opinion, but captain level ships are actually T4. Starter ship is T1, at ltdcmdr you get T2, commnder T3

T5 is z-store and the free lvl 40 ships which all have 9 consoles. 10 console ships are either lockbox or fleet ships + some others. Those can only be used by Vice admirals. But since +1 console slot does not make them a full new tier i wouldn't call them T6 already.

For the captain level ships to be tier 3, one has to start counting with zero...also the captain ship is the 4th ship you use in the game.
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