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03-10-2013, 04:12 PM
Go for the Recon version even if you are using the Aux cannons. You will struggle a little to really get the power up there (my Aux sits at 124/100), but it's worth it for the extra tac console. I have a build that's heavy on offensive sci (all details here: and despite the fact that I have yet to optimize my skill tree for it I'm doing 5-6k DPS depending on the parser (CombatLogParser says 5, ACT says 6). You should also be able to swap in any other offensive abilities you want there, depending on target and team, if you prefer something different. Unfortunately it does rely on the cannon doffs which are rather expensive now, without those you will lose a fair bit of DPS, although it's still perfectly viable for ESTFs (I forgot them for a whole STF once and still did fine). Do get the pack if you can though, because if you ever wanted even one more of the consoles (like for the slipstream) you'd pay for the full pack. (And note that I'm saying that despite the fact that the only one of the consoles I use in combat is the QFFC.)