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03-10-2013, 04:27 PM
1.) What is "Skrill"? They are the ones who have your money and have charged you. Then it is up to them to transfer that money over to PWE. And they seem to have not done do immediately.

So I would take it up with Skrill.

2.) If I am going to use my credit card, I would have used a service that was showing Visa, MasterCard, etc. logos. Again, I have NO idea what Skrill is.

3.) "And I DID report this, but they don't think it's important enough to respond. I got the automatic thing saying "we don't give a **** -- tell someone who does," but that's it. No real human response, no resolution, NADA."

You say they didn't respond, and then post that they did respond (and I'm pretty sure you didn't quote the exact wording from the message).

It sounds like boilerplate, cut and paste "please be patient" letter. We had those in customer support where people didn't understand that transactions between financial services aren't always immediate, or smooth.

So, you got a "just chill" letter.

4.) This much rage after, what, a few hours? Come back after a full day or two and complain then.

Or wait ... don't. Cause we can't do anything. What is this , a call to arms? Rallying the troops to storm the barricades of the evil empire?

Seriously, take it up with customer support and just pester them with this.

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