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03-10-2013, 05:27 PM
I have to work. That means I only have the weekend to play. So if they delliberately waste my time on this unnecessary wait, I won't get to use the money I put in. Best case, I'll playagain next weekend. More likely, it will be next month. It's called real life. And I think this is a form of extortion. "Yeah, you may or may not see your money again, but why should we care? It's YOUR fault you don't have time."

If the third party authorized the transaction (presumably Skrill), there is NO REASON to keep me waiting. Honestly -- if they were really doing a "security check" there wouldn't be any authorization sent until it was done. In banking terms (as far as I know), "authorization" means that the reviewing process is complete and the payment has gone through, presumably without overdrawing the account. one has actually answered my question other than confirming the fact that I'm basically SOL and I will likely never see my money again. It isn't like I did anything wrong, other than trusting PWE. Now that they have my payment info, there''s no telling how mcuh money they will remove without compensation.

Personally, I think this is PWE's punishment for playing their games. Now all I want is a refund -- I REALLY don't know when I'll have time to play again. And the automatic response letter said 3-4 BUSINESS DAYS, meaning they probably won't respond and I have absolutely NO right to spend my money where I want when I want. I doubt it will get processed over the weekend, if at all. I'm telling you, it's hard to find a company that despises and HATES their customers as much as PWE. Money only goes one way, and my account might was well not exist. I'm a liar, I stole the card and that's all there is to it. PWE said it, so it MUST be correct.

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