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Memory Alpha says:

Montgomery Scott joined Starfleet and began his engineering career in 2241.

In 2265, Scott was assigned to the USS Enterprise


I want to create TOS holonovel in which the player plays the character of a young Scotty, when he was a Lt. assigned to Drozana Station (or something like that). I'd like to have an image of the 21 year-old Scotty, narrating his logs (which were used to make the holo-novel).

Is that OK? It would resemble the character, as far as simply being a young TOS engineer with brown hair, brown eyes, etc. But, it would be a younger version of the actor that appeared in TOS.
While I'm not a lawyer by any means, generally it comes down to whether or not you are portraying either:

A) The likeness of the actor, or
B) A combination of factors that would lead an audience to associate your portrayal with the actor (as opposed to the character)

So... if your young Scotty has a strong resemblance to James Doohan or Simon Pegg, that's a terms of use violation. If some other aspect of the character's portrayal would lead a third party to associate your character with James Doohan or Simon Pegg (i.e. if you showed your character model, animation choices, and dialogue bits without any references to "Scotty" or "Montgomery Scott," would they still say "hey, that's James Doohan/Simon Pegg!"), same thing.

If in doubt, you might want to reach out to BranFlakes or one of the Foundry devs who frequests the forums for guidance.