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03-10-2013, 06:33 PM
MACO Shields are pretty nice, the Mk XII are a pretty decent boost in capacity compared Jem Mk XI (+1727 per facing after captain skills and one shield cap console, and a Positron deflector can make the gulf larger). While they lack kinetic resist and crew disable resist, they do have the 5% bleed/absorb and 10% all resist on top of their other features. The MACO shields have a proc that boosts all your power levels, giving a boost to their own regen/resist on top of boosting your energy weapon damage and ship speed. If you're planning on continuing doing STFs, the MACO shield's 20% resist to plasma is quite useful.

As far as Mark, back when it was EDCs/drops for things most recommended skipping over Mk X and saving up for Mk XI. Mk XI to XII isn't huge, but still a nice improvement. I'm not quite sure where I'll end up with the toon I'm leveling currently, but the current plan is to skip over Mk X entirely beyond the go-faster in Sector space Borg drive.

Keep in mind if you keep the Jem Deflector and Engines on your ship you still get the damage boost to Polaron as that is the two-piece set bonus.