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03-10-2013, 07:05 PM
Short to Mid term-
Probably said already but I'd like to see a small revamp of some of the "Fleet" versions of old ships.
An example (as I use it) would be the Fleet version of the MVA .
The new Hull values etc are fine but the BO slots could do with a slight rework. Currently it has-
Tac- Ensign/Lieutenant/Commander
Eng- Lieutenant
Sci- Lt.Commander

Why the 'original' RA level ship had an Ensign level BO slot ALWAYS bugged me especially since at the time this ship was constructed it was supposed to have most advanced Tactical Systems than any ship in the Alpha Quadrant (including the Defiant & Akira classes).

It would be nice to see this ship "merge" the Ensign and Lieutenant BO Tac slots together to make a Lt.Commander slot.
The same could be done with some Eng and Sci slots on the Cruisers and Sci Ships.

I think small changes like that would make these Ships way more desirable.

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