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Originally Posted by mandoknight89 View Post
Subtract 3 from your "base" turn rate. That's the ship's "actual" base turn rate, the one that's used for calculating your final turn rate (the one that's used for the multipliers and RCS and whatnot). The 3 is the "free" turn rate that a ship has even when its impulse engines are removed.

What Inertia does is that it makes your ship accelerate more quickly. Ships with relatively high turn rates but low Inertia values (which corresponds to a high physical inertia... STO Devs kinda messed up kinematics so that those unfamiliar with physics would see that high number = good) will "power slide" as the nose turns but the mass of the ship continues moving on the previous direction, only slowly turning its velocity to match its direction. It's most noticeable with a ship like the Bortasqu' trying to pull a reverse-impulse maneuver (or something similar) as Evasive Maneuvers wears off.
Thank you! That works out perfectly mate.

Defiant base = 14 *.3 = 4.2 which is what the 30% RCS consoles established.
Oddy base = 3 * .3 = .9 which also matches up.

A turn Mod would then be a 10% boost which matches up with other gear mods. Skill I think is 15% then and so forth. I will do more testing later to list all the actual % mods at some point unless there is a post already done about it that I missed.

Thanks again!