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03-10-2013, 09:20 PM
Originally Posted by drogyn1701 View Post
You know, this whole canon character business would be a lot easier if we had some kind of helmeted costume available to obscure faces... just sayin.
The hooks for the EV suits are in the Foundry costume menu structure already... hopefully sometime soon the Devs will:

A) attach the model data to the following hooks in the Foundry costume editor:
  • Head\Category\Helmet - EV Suit - Neutral
  • Head\Head Attach Tech\NPC - EV Suit Neutral Glass (if they really love us)
  • Upper Body\Category\EV Suit - Neutral
  • Upper Body\Upper\Evsuit_Neutral
  • Lower Body\Category\EV Suit - Neutral
  • Lower Body\Lower\Evsuit_Neutral
B) unlock the EV Suit - Neutral categories for each body section so we can assign those costumes without using the import workaround

This would not only allow us to do the "Patrick Stewart in a space suit" work around to the whole 'actor's likeness' issue, but it would also give us a really important storytelling prop -- NPCs in EV suits.