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03-10-2013, 09:42 PM
Ok, at this point I can only assume you are trolling (and if you are, kudos. It is indeed an epic trolling) or are mentally imbalanced.

You have taken a typical financial transaction (which has been confirmed as normal by many sources in this thread and others) and taken a delay in payment processing to mean:
  • PWE has flagged your credit card as stolen
  • PWE will make unauthorized charges on your credit card
  • You have absolutely no recourse if PWE does make unauthorized charges
  • They will do this repeatedly
  • Their standard email responses are secretly coded "F you!" letters that only you can understand the "true" meaning of
  • PWE hates their customers and is actively looking for ways to defraud them on a grand scale

Even the "proof" you post are screenshots many other customers have seen before and the link you posted to as verification is just someone else who doesn't like the banking delay. That link even goes on to state that some of the payment methods are ones used by online gambling sites, and are regularly verified for first time purchases.

A inconvenient delay in your ZEN showing up in your account has led you to accuse PWE of fraud, embezzlement, racketeering, conspiracy and outright theft.

God help any company who actually does do something real to you someday.

And God help their customers, because you will surely bypass standard customer service channels and turn to them first.

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