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03-10-2013, 10:44 PM
Despite the fact that the Fleet Odyssey is a fleet ship, it is actually a redone version of the Anniversary Odyssey... the prototype as it were You're better off with the C-Store version(s), trust me.

The consoles are a mixed bag:
* Chevron Seperation sacrifices some of your tanking ability, but it makes the stardrive section much stronger, faster-turning, and generally more awesome in battle.
* Aquarius Escort, while undoubtably a pet that will assist you... currently lacks in the DPS department. But it does have a Point Defense console ability, so it can be used to destroy the targetable torpedoes
* The Worker Bees give your ship a hull heal every once in awhile (under 75% health), easily remove disabled subsystems/engineering debuffs, and can easily be replaced. The only thing that can damage them is AOE abilities (Gravity Well, Fire At Will, Torpedo Spread, etc)

If all three are equipped, you get a small bonus to the Odyssey's base turn rate, a reduction on the console cooldowns, and a few bonuses to the defensive + power transfer stats.
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