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03-11-2013, 01:14 AM
It was something like that if i remember right. There was also some modifier, but that had to do something with old skill system, so it probably changed. But the basic formula was something like this

3 + (Turn rate -3) * (1 + (all turn bonuses in percentages/100) + Engine power level / 100) + turn bonus of your engine

However, I saved that file when I did the turn rate research in like season 2-3. The thread is probably hidden deep in the "archived" threads.

All of the turn bonuses stack. A 50% increase to turn rate its a 0,5 turn multiplied by your actual base turn rate. So a Ship with 6 turn rate, gets +3 from the bonus, while the ship with 22turn rate *spits on the ground* gets +11.

That means if you stacked turn bonuses for total of 200%, a Galaxy would get meager +12 turn while the bug *spits again* would get +44 just from the modifiers.

But I could be totaly wrong about this, as I said, last time I did proper research on this, it was like season 3.

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