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03-11-2013, 12:35 AM
Just closed the Dragon server abput a half-hour ago. Had awful local ISP issues going into the weekend. So I only got to play this evening. Made it to level 9 Wizard. Long enough to get through the tutorial and reclaim a crown. Which was an enjoyable quest chain. I was intent on just playing. So didn't get into making any UI adjustments or hotkeys. I couldn't get a cursor to click into channels to save my life. So I didn't endeavor to seek out any Groups. Had I a few more days I'm sure I would have dabbled in those details.

I enjoyed setting up some basic color to my character's background before entering the tutorial. While everyone starts in the same place, we could choose from a variety of locales and community color to define where our characters come from. I'm assuming those choices affect the dialogue trees with NPC's as you progress through the game.

What surprised me was the current offerings on the Zen store. Costume dyes are there. Not crafted. Or maybe they can be crafted also? I didn't get into the tradeskills at all. Scrolls of Identify dropped regularly enough to keep things interesting for mysterious loot. I would have expected those scrolls to be for sold for real cash. Who's to say what the final Zen Store layout will be when the game is ready to go public?

Interestingly, all my custom channels from STO were open in my NW chat window. I think that I got STO mail. As I got a mail notification in NW. But no mail at the mailbox.

My first MMO is of the Fantasy genre. Having played the original Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights, I enjoyed what I experienced.

I'm curious now, also, as to what pieces and parts NW and STO will borrow from one another in months to come? I really liked how the Foundry is truly intergrated into the game. While the menu is there, the game offers NPC's with immersive dialogue to lead you toward Foundry quests. And the bulletin boards were a nice touch as well.
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