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03-11-2013, 04:01 AM
Youll not be disappointed I don't know what forum you've been reading this thin does everything haha

I've Been having great succes with single cannons and turrets with dem works a treat in both pvp and pve(using dem in tandom with apa is optimal) but sensor scam should work the same

For pvp you'll want plenty of holds

For pve I normally go for a tachyon beam CPB then unleash ABOPS works a treat

Turning is not this ships forte so stik up on deuterium engine batteries and maybe APO and you'll be fine especially in pve I have a switch out of dhcs incase the optional is going pair shaped and you need death real fast(impossible pvp)

Yes my setup doesn't make use of subsystem targeting but unless your building around that (drain build, shutdown build) then it's not that much of a miss

In my sci I find my hull disintegrating compared to my engi don't know wether this is just me! So instead of TSS I run 2 copy's of hazards and try and get engi team or aux to Sid in there too
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