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03-11-2013, 08:21 AM
Originally Posted by razhgal View Post
for burst damage its great, i agree.

yet sacrificing console slots isnt that great for it.
but its a players choice.

i dont totally disagree with running the 3 consoles
and since u totally agree on running the 3 consoles,
i guess we can presume then that the consoles are worth it.

yet if i had to choose to buy the 3 pack bundle again for 5000 zen or just buy 1 ship for 2500,
i would choose buying 1 ship.
thats fine. But you avoid my question.. what are you putting on your eng / sci slots thats uping your damage so much to make your arugument? I have put out my numbers to help inform the op at what you can do with it. All your saying is there not worth it but not backing that up.

Pre patch I agree the 3 set was not worth it. After the patch I have found they are very worth it. But if someone is pulling massive numbers ahead would love to know how there doing it. Unless its just that you dont have all 3 or that you dont like haveing to manage the consoles and cool downs etc then its just a matter of not likeing the feel / game play vs raw damage numbers.

You do need to play the ship a little diffrent due to the cannon drones and keeping them alive. But after playing a HEC im used to keeping a eye out on my pets. I dont play as aggressive get in your face style as I do on my mobis destoryer. So if your not able to keep your drones up then ya in the long run they arent going to pull there wieght but most fleet actions and stf's I hardly lose them and if I do lose them there cool down is up. So over the longer fight there dps effect is more then if you pop them and they die 30 sec later.