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Honestly, I don't remember any trouble at all with the Romulans back then. I had a free Star Cruiser at that point and I own the Connie, so I was running 8 Retro Phasers. (So gloriously shiny! They level with you too, but I believe stop at Mk X?) My Consoles were junk, since I was going to outlevel them anyway. Only my Tactical consoles were properly set up with phaser consoles, and they were of random rarity and Mks.

100/50/25/25 power settings with the standard beamboat BOff configuration:
2xEmergency Power to Weapons 1
2xEmergency Power to Shields 3
1x Reverse Shield Polarity 1
1x Engineering Team 2
1x Auxiliary to Structural 3
1x Tactical Team 1
1x Beam Array: Fire At Will 2
1x Hazard Emitters 1
1x Polarize Hull 1
1x Transfer Shield Strength 2

99.9% constant uptime from EPtW1 and EPtS3 gives damage (and offsets drain) while considerably strengthening shields. If shields are taking noticeable damage, TSS2 will keep it from failing. If one shield facing is failing, Tac Team 1 will keep it up. If shields are failing anyway, RSP1 will immediately refill them all to max.

Once hull drops to 99%, start using Aux2SIF every time it's off cooldown. That's a decent heal every 15 seconds, but more importantly it also gives a good damage resistance buff that lasts 10 seconds. HE1 clears debuffs (like Plasma DoTs) and will also top off your heal if you're taking more damage than Aux2SIF can heal. If hull has drops dangerously low Eng Team 2 will give a massive repair.

Eng Team will also counter any disabled systems from most sources. Polarize Hull is multi-purpose, as it counters tractor beams while giving a nice chunk of damage resistance, essentially can be used as a backup Brace for Impact.

Fire At Will is a situational ability but it's glorious when it's in the right situation. This particular situation is perfect for it, since it'll give a solid DPS boost against one target while also neutralizing the High Yield plasma torps.

I remember hearing all sorts of doom and gloom about the D'deridex before I ever met one, but it was really anticlimactic when I did.

My tactic at the time involved 8-beam broadsides from 5 km. If it launched HY plasma torps, I activated FAW - which would kill the torp as well as blast the D'deridex. If it tried to tractor&torpedo me, Polarize Hull cleared me while giving me damage resistance. Shields were hardened with constant EPtS3, and were impossible to drop with TSS2 and RSP. (In fact, I never even used Tac Team to redistribute shields, I have Redistribute Shields as part of my keybinds and saved TT1 to counter Borg boarding parties.) Aux2SIF kept me topped up and further increased my damage resistance, and if I got hurt or set on fire, HE1 was enough. Eng Team was mostly used to heal other people, I never had to use it on myself while in the Star Cruiser. (I later had to use Eng Team to heal myself when I flew an Oddy, tanking unimatrices.)

Seriously, it was a very anticlimactic fight. This was before enemy ships started HY plasma torpedoing themselves, too.

"Don't let them promote you. Don't let them transfer you. Don't let them do anything that takes you off the bridge of that ship, because while you're there... you can make a difference." - James T. Kirk

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