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03-11-2013, 10:29 AM
First of all, if you want to be "competitive for all around gameplay", you are either going to spend some money in this game, or grind and grind for ages, and convert dil to ZEN.

Second. What kind of role are you thinking of playing as an Engineer?

*Tanker (Self-heals)
*Healer (Team-heals)
*Damage dealer
*Support ship

Your best fitting ship will depend on what you intend to do with it.


Excelsior Retrofit: Very good cruiser, turn rate and boff seats are good for a mix of tanking and damage.
Regent Assault Cruiser: Good cruiser, turn rate is 7, boff seats favour offense. Could do some heals on the side.
Galaxy-X Dreadnought: My personal favourite, boff seats and high hull rating make this a very good tanking and healing cruiser. DO NOT try to make this ship a high DPS ship unless you are sticking to PVE only.
Galaxy-class Retrofit: See Operations Odyssey.
Odyssey: I've heard good reviews in general about this ship, but when flying on KDF side, I frequently blow these up. Good for tanking and healing, could be modified for damage dealing, but you will die more often.

Steamrunner: Accn to STOWiki, this is a fantastic ship. I have this, and other than the fact that its turning is a little slow, it's a good ship. Engineering BOFF seats will complement your inherent healing (Miracle Worker, etc).
Defiant: Popular escort, does the job nicely.
Prometheus: BOFF Science seats make for some interesting combat. MVAM is just for additional turn rate.
Armitage: I haven't flown this ship, apparently it is an effective escort due to the launching fighters capability along with cannons and the BOFF seats. The console helps too.

Science ships:

The only real science ship I recommend is the Vesta (other than the free RALH Reconnaisance ship). Fantastic ship, the Vesta, especially with the lance and Fermion field, if set up properly.

Hope this helps.

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