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03-11-2013, 10:35 AM
Originally Posted by fltcaptcrandall View Post
I've searched the internet, the forums, and STO Wiki for information on the kits granted by the Embassy tiers, to no avail. Can anyone describe what these personal ground kit variants consist of? Are they customizable or just higher power levels of normal Mk X kits? Thanks.
well i doubt ill be much help here at work..

From what Ive seen they are mixed better than old sets, in regards to skills, and the XI and XII variants have 5 powers instead of 4.

The eng one.. which I like.. is a fabrication specialist kit with seeker drone III, Mortar III, Medical Generator III, and an Energy Turret IV .. The XI version has quick fix I ( i think ) and the XII kit has Quick fix II

If no one else does by tonight, Ill post the rest of the stuff then.