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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
The effectiveness of this weapon is still under review, but is being scrutinized carefully alongside the effectiveness of similar Science powers: Tachyon Beam, Charged Particle Burst, and to a lesser extent TSS:Shields.

The basic premise at the moment is that most players consider the aforementioned boff abilities to vastly underperform, while a similarly-constructed weapon item is being called out as overperforming. And so, before we can consider changing either, we need to come to a thorough understanding of the differences between the two, and the circumstances separating what is perceived as "junk" to what is perceived as "OP" even when both have almost identical effects.

I'm also curious, if I can poll you guys quickly... the Tachyon Mine launcher has been around for a year or so now. Why is it only now being frequently mentioned as a balance issue? Were they always OP, and just nobody knew or understood their power? Or was there a vital change to the overall structure of ships and their associated builds, that threw these into the forefront of effectiveness? I can tell you with certainty that their mechanics haven't been touched or tweaked since the Mine Revamp, which was several months ago, and before that there were nearly no changes since they first went live. So... why is it only now becoming an issue, do you think?
i think its a mater of the cost involved, and for a long time the right people weren't using it, us the minmaxers.

the sci skills tach beam and CPB debuffing resistance seems like a no brainier addition, the fleet elite shields can still fairly easily hit the resistance cap, especially when they are in a defensive mode. you cant nuke away the resistance on that shield ether, just skills like EPtS. the elite shield is still way to good, its nearly not possible to kill someone without all shield bypassing methods, which are certainly non standard niche builds more then anything, and can be pretty easily countered with any amount of cross healing.

tet glider works well if you spend like 3 sci consoles on flow cap consoles. its applied per shot though and when you pair it with CRF it works very well. the sci skills are just 1 big application, that is nerfed in half by 99 PI, or a 10 second over time skill that does to little to notice, and probably does little more then stall regeneration a bit.

is the next project after FAW going to be that update gecko mentioned with shield drain? so it shows up in the log and all that? that would be extreamly nice to have, and if you can fix faw, surely that would be no problem!

all the PI guarded skills, balance them assuming everyone has 99 skill points in them. that should be the base line, not 0 points in them. less then 99 should mean your more susceptible to something. from testing, it looks like 99 skill in something cuts listed effectiveness in half, and 200 in PI, which seems to be a resist cap, reduces affect by ~66%. so go ahead and double the output of CPB and tach beam, and add a shield resistance debuff as well

an an unrelated note, TR basically doesn't do anything, robing you of power for only a single second, with only 2 stacks of that. after a second, your power transfer rate undoes the drain. around TR, you just see power levels flicker with up to -3 drain. the skill does absolutely nothing to players. instead of a drain for only 1 second, make it drain per stack for 5 seconds, and let it stack as many as it can, depending on how close you are too it. like 6 stacks in the center, and only 2 farther away. it would still take a lot of effort to keep someone near it, as it has basically no pull at all.
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