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03-11-2013, 01:33 PM
Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
Not really, in order to spit torpedo every second you would have to proc 2x on single launcher. which is very unlikely for quantums, but you can pray..maybe it helps. We are talking DPS here, not spikes. every missed quantum, would reduce DPS and there is not that high difference between mk XII quantums and photons.

Also, there is not likely to be many targets without shields to take advantage of spread. I was talking purely for taking out gates, and such. AFK at 10Km, just shoot torps, 10k dps (you can do more with buffs), problem solved.

I can attest to this, have 3 of the purple torp DOFFs equipped for space and the Quantums hardly ever seem to proc on the recharge timer. One of the reasons I switched to photons, I can just pop those out like a candy dispenser, plus they sound cooler. Chronitons also seem to work well with the torp DOFFs and make a solid combo if you are using the Tachyokinetic console and the dual chroniton beam bank. I've found Photons and Chronitons to proc the most for me, with Plasma torps being a close second.