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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Dude, nobody is complaining about them needing a profit to run the game.

But when you are paying $40 per character for a mount, plus a ton of other stuff in the store that costs $5 (like the various crafting items per character), it's going to get expensive real quick.

And mark my words, it will drive away players when they get to endgame.
They have said several times on the Neverwinter forums that none of the Zen prices are final, they just opened the store up to test it out for the latest beta, but all prices are still under review.

Also, you don't NEED to buy any of the things from it, which is a million times better than a lot of F2P models used by other MMOs. Plus, like STO they have an in game currency which can be earned and traded for Zen in the same manner as Dilithium can be in STO, so if you're willing to put in the time but not the money, then you can buy it all from simply playing the game.
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