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03-11-2013, 02:13 PM
Originally Posted by dashuk2381 View Post
I can attest to this, have 3 of the purple torp DOFFs equipped for space and the Quantums hardly ever seem to proc on the recharge timer. One of the reasons I switched to photons, I can just pop those out like a candy dispenser, plus they sound cooler. Chronitons also seem to work well with the torp DOFFs and make a solid combo if you are using the Tachyokinetic console and the dual chroniton beam bank. I've found Photons and Chronitons to proc the most for me, with Plasma torps being a close second.
the proc rate is exactly the same on all torps. quantums fire less, yes. tho the timer is pretty much giving you no reload with quantums with three purple doffs, so yeah. you might have to wait 3 seconds instead of 1, but in the end the hit is going to be harder (and the 3 sec window will allow you to get shields lower anyway, so long term quantums tested better for me)
still. torps wont get you the bestest dps, and they are very dependent on not having shields, so you are pretty much gimping yourself with them, making your ship less versitile