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03-11-2013, 03:14 PM
The Borg Mk XI drive is much faster than MACO Mk XI in sector, I will have to look at the drive closer if Mk X isn't as good I'll skip over it entirely, probably grabbing Fleet engines instead until unlocking T5 Rep.

Even against non-Borg enemies the MACO Mk XII is still much nicer, thanks to it's much higher capacity and I think it has higher regen as well compared to Mk XI Jem'Hadar. The proc goes off quite often as you take damage and it stacks up extra power.

MACO set, particularly the shields and deflector, allow for a lot more tanking of damage compared to the Jem set. I tried the Jem Mk XI set on the Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier and nearly got rolled on the starting cube and spheres of Infected the Conduit Elite (same with just the MACO XII shields plus the Jem def and engines XI), whereas with the MACO shields and deflector I can tank the ending Tac cube fairly well (have to dip into my Engineering Captain abilities, though). In the end, I dropped the Jem entirely, even after switching to Polaron which would net me everything you get normally plus Victory is Life for having a Dominion ship.

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