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03-11-2013, 04:23 PM
Originally Posted by topset View Post
I can't figure out why, as I've seen people with similar setups get 3-5k DPS more but I can't figure out where the problem lies. Is it my weapons? My equipment? My Boffs? No idea. Here's my setup.

Flying: JHEC. I love this ship completely. Heavy Eng stations makes for a perfect Aux2Batt + Technician setup which gives me monstrously low cooldown times along with high power levels to combat power drain. Aux2batt makes RSP worthwhile, because the cooldown ends up being reduced to only 60s give or take!

I was chatting to a guy with a similar setup after we ran a few STFs and I was parsing him at 13-15k per run. I'm wondering why I can't get near that, is it just pilot error? I'll admit aux2batt has taken some getting used to using effectively!

Antiprotons (Maxed energy weapon crit skills)
Fore = 4 DHCs (Fleet [dmg]x3[acc])
Aft = 2 Turrets, 1 Kinetic cutting beam


Maco XII set


Eng: Monotanium XII (purple), Tachyokinetic, Borg, Zero-point Romulan.
Sci: Field generator x2
Tac: 4x Relays XI (blue)


3x purple technician (30% reduction in cooldowns when using aux2batt)
2x purple conn officer (16s reduction for TT plus big buff to attack patterns)


Commander Tac: TT1 , Beta 1 , Scatter Volley 2, Omega 3

LT. Com Eng: EPTW1, Aux2Batt 1, DEM2
Lie. Eng: EPTS1, Aux2Batt 1
Lie. Eng: ET1, RSP2

Ens. Sci: HE1
Dont think it's been asked...Is your character SCI, ENG or TACT? Career does make a substantial difference as well...