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Originally Posted by tfangel View Post
I have a question. I've been gone from the game for ages, and had never done that ground infected mission, and when we got to the last room i got yelled at by someone saying "Get away!" when i was standing next to someone. So i moved to a platform away from him, and three borg spawned on another one, basically killing me before the boss had a chance to. So is there something you didn't mention or was that just how other people do it?
Just a note about Rebecca's attacks - she uses a chain attack. The attack will bounce from 1 player to another if they are within range of each other, doing more damage each time it bounces. If you are all within range of each other, and it bounces between all of you, the last person that gets hit is basically toast. So it's best to spread out around the room. I've edited this into the post.

Also, the borg respawn on a timer around the room. On 'normal', I think this is around 10 minutes. After you kill one, another one respawns in it's place in 10 minutes. On elite, I think this shortens down to 5 min. But don't quote me on the times. I haven't confirmed this by timing it myself.
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