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The effectiveness of this weapon is still under review, but is being scrutinized carefully alongside the effectiveness of similar Science powers: Tachyon Beam, Charged Particle Burst, and to a lesser extent TSS:Shields.

The basic premise at the moment is that most players consider the aforementioned boff abilities to vastly underperform, while a similarly-constructed weapon item is being called out as overperforming. And so, before we can consider changing either, we need to come to a thorough understanding of the differences between the two, and the circumstances separating what is perceived as "junk" to what is perceived as "OP" even when both have almost identical effects.

I'm also curious, if I can poll you guys quickly... the Tachyon Mine launcher has been around for a year or so now. Why is it only now being frequently mentioned as a balance issue? Were they always OP, and just nobody knew or understood their power? Or was there a vital change to the overall structure of ships and their associated builds, that threw these into the forefront of effectiveness? I can tell you with certainty that their mechanics haven't been touched or tweaked since the Mine Revamp, which was several months ago, and before that there were nearly no changes since they first went live. So... why is it only now becoming an issue, do you think?
The PvP community is very small. The mines themselves were (and are) expensive: they're priced at 200 a pop, character-bound, with a direct dil-sink of a currency being the only means of purchase. There are cheaper and more readily-available items which I still see rarely and find difficult to access for test purposes.

The quality of the tooltip is also quite poor, meaning it's still not clear what the mines are supposed to do, and we've only figured it out for the most part through stress-testing. All of these factors in tandem mean that the mines had a low adoption rate until the mine revamp, which, while perhaps not affecting the tach mine launchers themselves, led to a renaissance in mine use and a renewed interest in the various flavors. It's quite possible that some players already knew and warned us about the strength of the mines, but couldn't find an audience since there's typically so much going on at once when it comes to the discussion on balance in the first place.

I've posted my thoughts about shield drain elsewhere. The tach mines -- last time I encountered them, it's possible they've changed since -- were even worse in that they'd apply a regen debuff that'd send your innate regen into negative values. This meant that while the debuff was active you had to manually "climb" your way out of the negatives just to get a sliver of shields back at all. On many ship types this can be phenomenally difficult.

I think on a larger scale shield drain is a no-go... it's a prettified way of dealing damage, and the difficulties balancing drain explain perfectly the genesis of these Lobi mines, a weapon that's far, far too effective at its intended purpose.

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