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03-11-2013, 05:30 PM
Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
With all due respect to you all... I don't care who is the best or the worst, everyone looking at this thread is either a current or potential pvper and evryone who has posted is better than I.

Much like the cruiser crowd, nothing will be achieved by arguing amongst ourselves and it wont get newbs PvPing.

I'm here to learn regardless of the teacher(s) as is anyone else who asks for help, none of us care if Pandas are better than S.O.B... or TSI better than whomever or who gets the most members or whatever, we care about the PvP and the learning how to PvP well...

Think we can focus on that? an extent, there's going to be the bickering about who knows what they're doing when it comes to Sci. Admittedly, the poaching thing is kind of out of left field...and...the arguing about who does Sci better could be settled in the space of battle, etc, etc,

Personally, I've been thinking about getting back into Sci again. I dance back and forth between Eng and Sci, Sci and Eng, Eng and Sci... I'm not fond of Tac - so they're usually just there as Token Tacs.

I'm not really the type to ask for help in things - I'm more likely to post some completely bogus thing, knowing that folks will point out what's wrong with it while saying what should be done. Passive aggressive much? Mebbe...

It would be somewhat nifty, imho, were there a stickied thread for Sci in PvP - after all, don't Giggles and Geko think folks wanting to play Sci are...special? Should be a special thread for it. Something that went beyond just what to slap in the skill build and on the ship. Efficient rotations, and, well - to an extent - something akin to what might be offered from some of the Boot Camp lessons, eh? Though, like - a train at home sort of thing for the shy.