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03-11-2013, 04:45 PM
I know that Shield Drains report poorly to the combat log, and in our tooltips unless manually overridden, so it's easy to see how some misconceptions could become accepted as truths.

But let me squash this one once and for all: Tachyon Mines do not apply "Negative Regen."

They act exactly the same as Charged Particle Burst. In fact, the data is a direct clone of CPB Rank 1, except that instead of disabling cloaks it applies a Shield Resistance debuff.

Actually, now that I look closer at it, the value of the shield drain on Tachyon Mines is actually about 30% lower than that of CPB 1. But, instead of a single hit, you get multiple mines, each of which apply their full effect.

I'll work on getting the tooltips for these items updated. But I wanted to clarify their operation. There's no such thing as an item that inflicts a Negative Regeneration. It's all Healing, Draining, HoTs and DoTs.
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