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03-11-2013, 05:48 PM
Once I get high enough in this newfangled rep system I'll be sure to give the MACO stuff a look. I have always preferred resilient shields, with Emitter Amplifiers buffing the regen. And perhaps I'll quit hitting "ignore" on all the fleet invites- that gear looks pretty dandy. Man, I've been away a while!

After trying some of my options out, I ended up going with the tac Kumari, because I did find a use for the extra tactical BOFF slot. However, I will be redoing all the BOFFs as the CRF doesn't seem to be as beneficial with this thing as it was on my old one, and I really miss AP Omega III- and AP Beta is pretty handy too. The third slot will just be used for attack buffs, but I'd benefit more from attack patterns at this point than CRFIII.

Thanks for all your suggestions!