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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
...but didn't geko say shield drains are a negative heal?
So is all damage, technically. It applies a negative value to your Hitpoint pool.

The difference here is that when you're dealt Phaser damage (e.g.) it's parsed properly as dealing Phaser damage to your Hitpoint pool. Shield damage is different though, because Shields aren't the same type of pool as Hitpoints. They are ... well, they're different. And affecting them uses the same Attribute Modifier (same class as "Phaser" in the prior example) for both heals and drains. As a result, our Combat Log and Tooltips have a hard time recognizing which is which.

I'm really trying to pull back the iron curtain on how all this stuff works, guys. But sometimes you just need to trust me.
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