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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Actually, now that I look closer at it, the value of the shield drain on Tachyon Mines is actually about 30% lower than that of CPB 1. But, instead of a single hit, you get multiple mines, each of which apply their full effect.
So an unbuffed deploy (5 mines) immediately gets you 3.5x the effect of CPB1 all the way up to (with dispersal 3 of 16 mines) 11.2x the effect of CPB1!

11.5x CPB1 on a 15 second cool down and that's without worrying about the shield resist debuff.

No wonder sci abilities suck atm. If these mines are considered a bit OP then to bring sci abilities up to useful levels CPB3 should be doing for example 10x what CPB1 currently does.
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