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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
But let me squash this one once and for all: Tachyon Mines do not apply "Negative Regen."

Okay, here's the issue (imho). Cryptic has used the term Regen to denote two different things in the tooltips.

Sometimes Regen meant:

- regeneration over a period of time
- a one shot regeneration

You told us earlier in the Good/Bad thread that they do not apply a negative regeneration (over a period of time) - but I could have sworn you told us the way these things were handled with the log treated them as a one shot negative regen. Thus the reason that shield damage showed up - but these did not - they applied that one shot negative regen (not to be confused with a RoT (lol, regeneration over time)).

So much like there's been confusion about the "Positive Regen" (one shot/over time) - in folks talking about that negative shield heal (pseudo damage, that's not damage)'s been called a "Negative Regen"...and some folks have taken that as a negative regen over time...not a one shot.

So uh, fun - eh?

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