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03-11-2013, 08:41 PM
Well, it took all day saturday to get it to finish installing.. So I only go about one day to tinker with it. It was just as buggy as I would expect a Beta to be.

It honestly felt a lot like playing a hybrid of STO and Diablo 2. The way you collected and equipped items felt eerily similar to D2. A lot of the missions had that same sort of vibe too. The UI was incomplete, but felt like a modification of STO's. Astral Diamonds? yeah... dilithium.

The combat system? O_O' wow... after I mastered it I could rip a part an entire enemy group before they had time to blink. (I played as a Tiefling Control Wizard named Silbel.) blast 4 different enemies with 4 different skills? EPIC! The most fun fight was against this gigantic Orc monster. I ended up cycling through all my skills 2 or 3 time sbefore he went down. But, he had only melee attacks and I was playing keep away so it worked out reasonably well. Stop the initial charge with an ice spear, then follow that with a telekinetic strangle hold, then right before he gets close enough to attack, hit him with a repulsor blast to knock him almost out of weapon range, all the while blasting him with my regular weapon attack. Wash, rinse, repeat until he finally goes down. Weak ordinary enemies will often get taken out by one of those attacks by itself.

I can haz joystick!
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