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Originally Posted by damzelltrill View Post
I am currently a Silver player Captain. Wiki says I get 2 to start and then one for each rank after the first.

I have had a Centaur class (LT), A Nova (LTC), An Ambassador (Com), and now a Discovery.

So, my count of 1 empty ship slot correct, or is the wiki wrong again?
The wiki is right. At the start, you get 2, and your starting ship occupies one. Here's the count as you leveled:

Lt.-2 (1 occupied)
Lt. Commander-3 (2 occupied)
Commander-4 (3 occupied)
Captain-5 (4 occupied)

As you can see, each rank you progress, you get a ship slot. However, you only have one more free ship that you can purchase at Rear Admiral Lower Half, even though you get a ship slot at RA upper half. As a silver player, you also are able to get a free ship slot when you play the vault in order to obtain a shuttle. If you want more after Vice Admiral, you have to pay zen for two more.