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03-11-2013, 10:39 PM
Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
It's "a crock" because PW needs people to buy from the Zen store, or else they don't earn income to keep the game running.

That's what I was pointing out.
No... PWE doesn't need people to buy from the Zen store. They just need people buying Zen. What they do with it after they have bought it is their own business.

By attaching Dilithium costs to so many things in STO, and keeping the daily cap at 8000 per day, they ensure that those who want to get their dilithium-related stuff taken care of as fast as possible will either buy Zen and trade for it, or else subscribe and use their monthly stipend.

We can earn dilithium easily enough if we have the time to spend doing the varrious things that yield it. But the daily cap is what generates the time sink which can be mitigated by spending money on Zen...

It is the ZEN that PWE makes their money off of. Not what is bought using the ZEN. That factors into the metrics that measure what players like from the C-store. And because Zen and Dilithium are interchangable, the option not to spend a dime on the game is there. But if we won't spend money, we have to spend time.

I don't particularly like this arrangement, as I feel that such an emphasis on raw Zen sales is a detractor from a real emphasis on content development, but there can be no argument that from a strictly business perspective, it works.
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