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Nubcaek question, basically what it says on the tin. Breaking it down a little further, what does better damage, 6 beams + 2 other (torp/mine) or 8 turrets? (I don't actually know the optimal turret layout, feel free to correct.) What has more procs? What's more useful/what would you prefer to see on your team?

Let's say you have the right BO abilities (crf + csv/bo + faw as appropriate), and at least some ability to mitigate energy drain (EPS transfer, NI, EPtW, weapons batt etc).

I know cruisers are capable of a reasonable amount of damage, whilst not necessarily being appropriate for the DPS monsta role. Still, nobody wants a ******n brick on their team. I'm kind of just feeling out the mechanics of the game, so what d'you think?

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