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03-12-2013, 01:54 AM
Originally Posted by kingdoxy View Post
Folks complaining about something free. Glad to see even if the boards change the posts from the users don't.
I agree fully. It's so simple . . . play the beta or don't. Some of these whiners are as bad as the Drow wanna-be whiners in the Neverwinter forums that are screaming they've been ripped off because they have to wait 60 days to play a race that is just as free as the game is. And none of them paid for it.

If you want to stick to STO then do so. Your choice, but your life is not ruined because you got an email inviting you to Beta another game. Delete it and move on . . . in fact . . . PLEASE move on so that those of us who care about that game can play it in peace LOL.

Originally Posted by bughunter357 View Post
not sure what your problem was but I played all weekend so it wasn't a rip off just maybe a error on your part who knows
Agreed. Everyone I know who is an LTS logged in just fine. It was VERY obvious no keys would be issued . . . because none were needed, as was stated in multiple areas all over both STO and Neverwinter web sites. It was also very obvious what exactly you had to do in order to play the Beta weekend. ~shrug~

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