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03-12-2013, 02:31 AM
Lately I have begun working on my Omega reputation and as a hardcore solo player I am interested in the Defera ground invasion, because, well, it is content supposed to be played by a single player. The simple, green, missions of course. I have played Town, green and yellow, Power Plant, green and yellow.

Overall, I like the whole thing, setting, atmosphere etc. I also like STO ground combat (just my opinion). Against the Borg I like to use a melee weapon and melee combat has a whole set of combo's. It is a kind of mini game.

Now some feedback.
Town green and yellow missions, light and middle, can be done by one player; you don't need a team. So that is nice for getting Omega marks. Since it is an open area, other players steel often your target. I am fighting borg so I can remodulate a turret ... another player moves in and remodulates it. I am fighting tactical drones to free a deferi ... another player moves in and steals my prize. That is the drawback of playing in an open zone. Perhaps it is lag, but I do suspect some of my fellow players are just not nice people.

Power Plant. Green is easy and simple single player content. I have not managed to finish a yellow mission here on my own. Good, you may say, it is afterall group content.

So in the end we may ask what is wrong here? I think the solo missions give to few omega marks. They also give fleet marks and I cannot complain about these numbers. So I am having now a character with a little amount of Omega marks and a good amount of fleet marks. As I remember, the reputation system was game content focussed on the single player, while the fleet system, and everything what comes with it, is for players in a fleet, group content. Is there a paradox here?

Also, while playing the Power Plant yellow, second, level, I noticed there where not many players. It was almost empty. Players do not seem to group for these quests. I understand. If I want Omega marks, ground combat, group play, I can do a ground STF.

My suggestions. Higher the reward in Omega marks for the single player quest and/or make some of the yellow quests suitable for a single player. Three green quests, one yellow, one red.