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Originally Posted by steampunknixie View Post
Sorry for piggy backing on this guys post, but I'm new and cannot post a new thread yet. Relating to his question, when you trade Dilithium for Zen, can you really buy/unlock everything Zen paid for with Money can buy/unlock, such as extra character slots? I do plan on buying a limited amount of Zen, so I want to know what I should save that for, and use the Zen I get from Dil trading for ships and etc.

Also, a few other questions if you're so kind to answer:

What career is best for noobs? I'm guessing the answer is either tactical or it doesn't matter. However, I'd assume if any career path helps you grind out levels the fastest, it would be tactical for killing enemies faster. Also, if a certain career is better for grinding resources, I'd like to know because I can use that to fund another character (if possible) that I'll like more after learning from all the mistakes I made with the first one.

What can you regret doing as you learn this game / what will prevent me from having to buy the respecialization/reset item? I'm guessing it's just what skills you level up. I'll be reading guides so I specialize on what I intend to. Also, are there quest caps. Some games, new players sometimes regret not knowing about certain quests that give special items and/or points and when they find out about it, they cannot do the quest anymore.

That's pretty much it for me. I spent one day trying to play the game, and I was really lost. I tried to read up on the game, but it resulted in basically a braindead person staring into space. Think it's best to just jump in and learn, but the above three questions pretty much prevented me from diving into the game at full force. Thanks STO community!
your first question was answered for ya and it was correct you can get anything in the c-store buy exchanging dilithium for zen. The other question might be answered by you once you figure out your style of game play since most the game deals with space combat you might (not always) spec for space and not worry to much about ground but that depends on you as well I like to play both so I put into both space and ground.
I play each class and have 21 characters 13 Feds and 8 KDF and find that yes I use my tacs for going after dilithium and some times my engineers as well but not as much as the tacs also besides you might look into as it helps me with planning my skill tree and you can find other players builds there as well, hope some of this helps you out, but remember the most important thing just have fun playing and experiencing the game and in turn you will find what you like the most.