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So, is there any chance that we will ever be able to dress our boffs in a custom Omega, Klingon Honor Guard, or MACO costume? I recently unlocked the Omega Harvester costume, and would love to dress my boffs in it. Unfortunately, with the removal of the /costumecreator.setslottype xxx command, we are no longer able to do that. Any word on if this will be possible? The reason behind this is when I go down to New Romulus with my XO, It doesn't look right for me to be in heavy body armor and a helmet, and her to be in the TNG Uniform. Before you say "Oh, why don't you go buy another Omega Force Armor Mk XII", I don't have the funds, and the Grey/Silver look wouldn't match with my tan/brown/black costume color. Does anyone agree with me or have suggestions?