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03-12-2013, 04:15 AM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
Unfortunately, I don't think that's good advice anymore. For feds, any fleet outside of Sad Pandas, Inner Circle, TSI, or Turkish RP Heroes isn't likely to teach good habits. Orion Slave Girls' PvP section is arguably the only decent Klingon team. Go outside of those fleets, and it's the blind leading the blind. However, on the fed side at least, none of the those fleets are likely to recruit newbies (Pandas is a possible exception, as we tend to recruit more on maximum potential than current ability). It's a tough spot to be in.

My advice is to forget about finding a fleet that does PvP and will accept you, because the ones that will probably aren't competent. Instead, seek out the best players and train with them. While none of the federation fleets I mentioned are likely to accept you as a fresh recruit, they will certainly help you if you ask for it. Train with them and they'll make you a far better player than you'd be if you joined a fail fleet.

Kai has already offered help, and it would be wise to at least hear him out. I can also tutor you if you want, and maybe even get you in on a few premade teams with the Pandas. There's nothing better than a fresh slate who's willing to learn!

Not entirely true. Pandas will devote mad effort to training any player that has the right attitude to learn, but we won't waste much time on people who are incapable of attaining high level play. This means you need to be open minded, slow to anger, moderately intelligent, and at least moderately competitive. If you meet those criteria, we can work with you. After all, the more great players we have playing STO the better PvP becomes for all of us.
i come to the conclusion as long as hurlybird and the fleet he mention Sad Pandas, Inner Circle, TSI, or Turkish RP Heroe Orion Slave Girls' if they have his mentality PvP community is doom. I say some of the them are great players. PVP community needs better fleets to lead one that dont have elites mentality . Let not forget some in these group are responsible for CRYPTIC pulling out of the Biggest pvp tournament in history.