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03-12-2013, 06:27 AM
Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
Not to be rude, Roach, but the words that the honorable Azetbur said were, 'Homo-sapiens only club'.

Anyways, one major thing I feel is that a good majority of these KDF-hating Feds seem to not get, is that the KDF is for some reason wanting 'special treatment' or whatever, and take ALL of Cryptic's attention away from the Fed side.

Not true in the slightest. KDF doesn't want special treatment, it wants EQUAL treatment. Or at least a lot closer to equal than we have now. We just want KDF-centric missions of our own, rough KDF-equivalents to some of the newer Fed ships, and other such things.

Once the KDF is treated equally to the Fed side, to me that is what I will consider the faction to be finished, whether or not there is 1-20 (I don't consider that a major issue, and fully expect the Romulan faction to have that happen as well).

Equality is the real thing we want more than anything else, once that is given, and stays given, then most of these complaints will vanish very quickly.

yes equality. agreed. inequality really shows up in pvp, once again, if its a benefit to klingon....get rid of it. On tribble they are taking away rom boffs cloak dmg buff. yet keeping the tac rom boff crit stack. why you ask? because one is only useful to klingons. Yet they keep fed only leadership stacking...why you ask? because it only benefits fedbears.

its crap like this and fed only uber ship releases that really slap kdf players in the face. its so blatant of a bias its laughable