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03-12-2013, 05:28 AM
i might buy a cruiser if they wherent discriminated against by agility stats that let ships the same size turn twice as fast or more, just because fairy magic.

its not the ships, its the the stupid class stats rather than stats by size, with class meaning only its boff & console layout.

Originally Posted by doffingcomrade View Post
Cruisers SHOULDN'T have awesome turn rates. They aren't jet fighters. What they SHOULD have is a respectable amount of firepower, which they presently do not. You never really saw the Galaxy move around much in the Dominion War scenes. They just kinda sat there and dispensed whoopass with their big saucer beams.

Unfortunately, there are no big saucer beams in the game.
neither are most of the ships called escort in this game. a lot of them, like my advanced escort, are bigger than cruisers.
t6 cruiser? keep it, i'd rather have aux to dampers 3.
as it turns out, an intrepid would lose a fight with a connie.
and thats canon.
! the power of plot compels you.

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